Women search for owner of lost wedding rings

Posted at 6:40 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 21:40:37-04

LAKESIDE, Calif. - After a sparkling discovery in the grass, two women have launched a mission to find the owner of a lost wedding ring set.

Near Ashford and Mapleview streets in Lakeside a week ago, Summer Cifuentes' friend made a stunning discovery.

"My friend was walking my dog. She had seen something shiny in the grass, went down and picked it up … Amazed and heartbroken at the same time," said Cifuentes.

It was a silver and diamond wedding ring set, and Cifuentes added, "There is an engagement ring, and a wedding band, and they go together."

Cifuentes' friend -- a bit camera shy -- went online and posted details on Facebook in search of the owner.

Cifuentes, who has been married six years, said, "I'd be devastated, just because it came from my husband and his heart. That's a connection you can't ever get back."

The two women haven't taken it to a jeweler to see how valuable it might be, but Cifuentes said it doesn't matter because she believes the true value is priceless.

"When you lose something like that. you lose a piece of your heart. We just want to make sure that person has the piece of their heart back," Cifuentes said.

If you have information on who the owner might be, email