Woman's salon visit leads to paralyzing pain

Posted at 9:46 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 09:26:03-05

ALPINE, Calif. -- An Alpine woman says a trip to the salon last year turned into a horror story.

Patricia went for a haircut in October. She told 10News she leaned back in the shampoo bowl and underestimated the distance. Patricia then heard a crunch and felt a slight discomfort.

"I crossed my fingers and just hoped it was nothing," Patricia said.

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That night, the slight pain turned into an excruciating one -- and a diagnosis of whiplash, a severe neck strain. For the next six weeks, her pain was constant. Her muscle spasms were debilitating and trapping her in her recliner.

"Every movement was excruciating, feeding myself was almost impossible," Patricia said.

Last week, 10News told you about the hidden dangers of salons and strokes. Doctors told a local woman her stroke happened after her neck hyperextended in the shampoo bowl, causing a blood clot.

A 2002 medical study has also shown a connection between salon sinks and whiplash.

Patricia is now hoping to get the word out, saying, "If the people are aware of it, they can ask about it."

Experts advise customers to look for adjustable sinks and chairs and to ask their stylist for extra neck support, especially for anyone with arthritis or neck issues.