Woman searches for missing emotional support dog

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 22:21:43-05

SAN DIEGO - A local woman is distraught after her emotional support dog vanished on Christmas Eve as she was doing a good deed.

Cynthia Camberos and her German Shepard Mishka were not at home; they were dog-sitting in Barrio Logan for Mishka's best dog friend, and Camberos said Mishka either jumped the fence or someone stole her.

"I miss her so much," Camberos said. "She's my whole world. I just want her back with me. Every morning she would wake me up with her little nose against mine to go out. She sleeps right next to me. Not knowing where she is, is just heartbreaking because I just don't know if she's safe, I don't know if she's hurt."

What she does know is where Mishka likes to go. They run through Balboa Park, go to coffee shops and to Quartyard in the East Village.

Quartyard was one of many places Camberos posted more than 1,000 flyers. She was also spreading the word online.

"I'm just exhausted. I'm at the end of my rope," she added. "I can feel myself just fading."

She got Mishka because she struggles with depression and anxiety, and she has never needed her as much as she does now.

"I'm just trying to find any way to get to her and I can just feel her trying to get to me. I just don't know how to get her," Camberos explained.

She was last seen wearing a purple bandana and brown collar.

Camberos is desperate to find her for New Year's Eve because Mishka is afraid of fireworks.

Camberos is offering a reward to anyone who finds her dog, with no questions asked.