Woman attacked, tied up in home

Neighbor hears screams, jumps on suspect
Posted at 11:26 PM, Jan 27, 2017

An intruder with a ski mask pulled down over his face confronted and tied up a resident at her home near Agua Hedionda Lagoon Friday, then fled after she managed to escape and yell for help.

The home invasion burglary in the 4600 block of Park Drive in Carlsbad was reported about 2:15 p.m., according to police.

The victim told officers the unidentified man entered through an unlocked door, then bound her and began to rummage through her home, Lt. Jeffery Smith said. While the intruder was distracted, the resident was able to
get out of the home, run outside and scream for assistance.

A neighbor standing outside saw the burglar run out of the victim's house, gave chase and tackled him, Smith said. The suspect was able to break free and fled to the area of Cove and Park drives.

Officers surrounded the neighborhood and searched it with help from service dogs and a sheriff's patrol helicopter but were unable to find the suspect, Smith said.

No injuries or property losses were reported. Neighbors were taken by surprise.  "It scared me,” Dee Sodano told 10News.

“I heard there was an armed, masked person running around the neighborhood, threatening people."

No sign of a weapon but as the Sheriff's helicopter circled overhead, they used a loudspeaker to tell residents to stay inside and lock up.

"Well, I made sure I stayed inside and I locked the doors, which they're always locked anyway."  Geri Peterson looked out her windows, though.  “And I saw police with dogs, going from property to property on the water site."

Abby Gagne voiced concern, but also appreciation.  “This could happen anywhere, I think. We're such a tight-knit community that we all watch everything that's going on.  It is reassuring if something like that happens that our neighbors would spring into action like that, yeah."

The home invader escaped, apparently empty-handed.