Wizard-themed 5K mud runs abruptly canceled

Race was supposed to be in Temecula
Posted at 6:13 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 21:30:00-04

It was advertised as the “world’s first obstacle course race inspired by the world of magic and wizardry.”

Hundreds of people all over the country and Canada signed up for the Muddy Mortal events, which advertised Wizard Wrock Bands and Wizard Games.

But they were abruptly canceled, with many still waiting for refunds.

Many Harry Potter fans, like Meredith, signed up.

“Big Harry Potter fan. [I] got a Harry Potter tattoo, Harry Potter books, and pop vinyls,” Meredith said.

There were twelve locations listed, including Temecula.

Meredith signed up for the Atlanta race with a friend. She ordered T-shirts for the race and started getting in shape. Then she says she got a Facebook notification it was cancelled.

“We’re people that are hardcore Harry Potter Fans or hardcore athletic people and they found something we were passionate about. I feel like they tapped into that and used it against us. Used it to get money out of us,” Meredith said.

One San Diego woman, who did not want to be identified, signed up for Temecula’s Muddy Mortal event. She says she paid $101.78 for the exclusive Sorcerer’s pass.

When she reached out to the organizers in June about rumors it would be canceled, she got a message saying that it was “libel” and “misinformation.”

The Temecula run, according to Facebook, was originally scheduled in July and then pushed back to November. It, like the other races, was canceled.

Some were able to get refunds through their banks. Others are still waiting for their money back.

On the Muddy Mortal website, there is a message that says in part they were “forced to cease all further operations” and are “unable to provide any further refunds.”

“I feel like they took these groups of fans and took advantage of us,” Meredith said.

Team 10 emailed and called a phone number listed for the organizers, but have yet to hear back.

The Better Business Bureau suggests to always pay for these types of events with a credit card, as it provides more fraud protection that other methods.

The agency also advises to check with the venue.

Team 10 called the venue in Temecula where the Muddy Mortal event was supposed to be held. The owner of Galway Downs said the first time he heard about the race was through a participant who asked why it was not on their events list. He said the Muddy Mortal organizers never made a deposit.