Washing machine repair goes awry

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 22:29:16-04

San Diego (KGTV) -  A San Diego woman says the appliance repair company she called to fix her broken washing machine took her money and never finished the job.

“I want my $100 back,” Yolanda Rodriguez said.

In June Yolanda Rodriguez’s washing machine stopped working.

"My washing machine overflowed,” she said. “It usually stops at small, medium or large but it just kept on going.”

A new washing machine was too expensive. Looking for a quick and cheap fix Yolanda says she found a repair company called J C Appliance Repair advertising on the website Craigslist.

She says she called and later that day a repairman was at her house and diagnosed the problem.

'The sensor for determining each level is shot you need a new sensor,” she said the repairman told her.

Yolanda says the repairman told her he didn't have that exact part but would get it.

She told 10News the part was going to cost $75.

“Ok, ill give you $100 and the rest can go toward the job,” she said. “So he went, showed up two hours later, and says the guy gave me a wrong sensor.”

Yolanda claims the repairman then took off without finishing the job.

She tells 10News she called the businesses every day asking for her money back.

Yolanda says the appliance repair company promised her they would send someone back to her house, but no one ever showed up.

“I gave you $100,” she said. “I expect you to either fix it or give me back my part.”

She says with no movement from the company she filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

According to the BBB, the San Diego company J C Appliance Repair is unlicensed.

A spokesperson tells 10News they’ve received six complaints since 2014. A BBB analyst says:

"There is a pattern. Consumers are paying for services not rendered. Most complaints state that the company does incomplete repairs and according to few complaints, company offers a 5-year warranty on work that they do not follow through on. Company seems to be unresponsive when consumers contact them for repairs or refund."

Team 10 investigator Adam Racusin contacted the business to get their side of the story.

A man who identified himself as Julian said they’ve been trying to get in contact with Yolanda to return the money, but she’s been making things difficult.

He said someone from the company would get back to 10News with more information. He promised they'd return the money by the end of the day.

About two hours later someone representing J C Appliance Repair did call back and said they delivered a refund check and the defective part to Yolanda.

He told 10News the business is looking into every complaint filed against them and is “cleaning house.”