Visitors notice Historic Landmark needs upkeeping

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 21:08:06-05

At almost 250-years-old, it remains one of San Diego's most stunning attractions. But recently, visitors have said Presidio Park is looking neglected.

Edrick Clark works in Old Town and takes his daily jog during his lunch break.

"I'll do like some sprints up the hill sometimes I'll go to the bottom and hike back up to the top," he said.

Born and raised in San Diego, Clark said he enjoyed visiting Presidio Park throughout his life.

"It's absolutely gorgeous you know? At the top of the hill you can see all the way to the bay."

But Clark and other locals have noticed a problem.

"It's running down a little bit," said Clark, as he described he museum.


Parts of the museum are wearing down, an adobe cross is deteriorating, and there is trash all over.


"Unfortunately, I do see broken bottles and fast food wrappers and stuff," said Clark.


Save Our Heritage Organisation, a non-profit dedicated to managing historic sites, posted their concerns on their website. They also urged the mayor to form a special committee in order to raise funds for the park's upkeep.


"The funds could be arranged to get it some repairs and some love, you know, have some luster back to it," said Clark, who agreed the park needs more money for maintenance.


Founded in 1769, the historic landmark is one of San Diego's oldest and most popular locations. Because it's a city treasure, Clark hopes locals and the city continue caring for it.

"We need to be able to show people that we have pride in our own city and willing to take care of things that are nationally recognized," he said.

10News reached out to the City of San Diego regarding maintenance concerns. They said they would work on getting an answer for us soon.