VIDEO REPORT: Kellen Winslow Jr. faces alleged victims in rape case hearing

Posted at 8:12 AM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 21:24:35-04


A 58-year-old woman testified Wednesday that a man -- later
identified as former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II -- rode his bicycle up to
her home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, asked her if she was married, then took off his
pants in front of her.
   The testimony came as a preliminary hearing got underway for Winslow
II, son of San Diego Chargers legend Kellen Winslow. The 34-year-old defendant
is charged with kidnapping and raping two women and sexually assaulting three
others in the Encinitas area over several months this year.
   The Cardiff-by-the-Sea resident said she was cutting flowers in her
yard the afternoon of May 24 when he came up and said hello.
   The woman -- identified as Jane Doe 3 -- said she recognized the man
from a similar encounter two weeks earlier. The man said his name was "David"
and that he lived up the street, the woman testified.
   She said Winslow II asked if she was married. "I told him I was."
   The woman testified that on May 24, after greeting Winslow II, she
walked toward her orange tree and noticed he was following her. That's when he
took of his pants, she said.
   A 71-year-old woman -- identified as Jane Doe 4 -- said she learned of
Winslow II's arrest when watching a newscast on June 8 and noticed that he
the same man who had entered her home the day before.
   Jane Doe 4 said she called the Sheriff's Department at the urging of a
friend, even though she didn't feel like Winslow II was ever going to harm her.
   She said she thought he was at the wrong mobile home park looking for
   A sheriff's deputy testified that he responded to a mobile home park
on North El Camino Real the afternoon of June 7 after a woman said she saw a
stranger inside her 86-year-old neighbor's house.
   The woman confronted the stranger -- identified as Winslow II -- as he
came outside, according to the deputy.
   "He said he was looking for his red dog named Flipper," the deputy
   The 86-year-old woman who lived in the mobile home where Winslow II
was seen was asleep on a couch and her 86-year-old husband was out walking the
dog when the defendant was inside, according to court testimony.
   Winslow II is also charged with luring a 54-year-old transient into
his Hummer and raping her on March 17.  She told of a brutal rape and being so terrified that she didn't even consider trying to run away.  She was then asked if she saw the man in the courtroom.  After a lengthy hesitation, she identified one of the defense attorneys instead of Winslow.  He was clean-shaven and wearing glasses during the hearing.   Winslow is also charged with picking up a 59-year-old woman on May 13 and raping and sodomizing her.  She is to testify on Thursday.
   Vista Judge Harry Elias will decide if enough evidence was presented
at the preliminary hearing for Winslow II to stand trial. The defendant faces
multiple life terms in prison if convicted, said prosecutor Dan Owens.