Tire slasher tormenting Carlsbad neighborhood

Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 21:40:46-04

Residents are fed up with vandals running rampant in their upscale Carlsbad neighborhood.

“It’s disturbing,” said Jay Dasinger.

In a quiet area known as Rancho Carrillo, neighbors tell us they are now anxious when headed to their vehicles because tires have been getting slashed.

“Just this feeling of unease,” said Dasinger.

Dasinger's truck was parked along Rancho Latigo two Fridays ago. That morning, he found all four tires on his truck were completely flat.

On the same street, four other vehicles were hit that same night, their every tire slashed, including the Chysler 200 belonging to Zanita Delaney.

“We're just like, when is it going to stop?” said Delaney.

In the past month, neighbors tell us about 57 vehicles have been targeted - over a span of at least five different nights.

“It’s such a violation. Everyone goes out to their car in the morning and says, ‘please let the tires be there,’” said Delaney.

The clues are few.

Neighbors tell us some of the cuts were made by a thicker blade-knife.

Other times, the slice is barely noticeable, possibly pointing to two vandals.   

Carlsbad police call the crime series a top priority, with extra patrols and detectives assigned to the case.

Police say 38 of the incidents have been reported.

The first was on March 30 and the most recent was on Monday.