UPDATE: Missing dog spotted in Mira Mesa

Posted at 7:53 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 23:43:28-05

Weeks after Jackie Perdue's dogs went missing - one is spotted in a Mira Mesa canyon. Now, Perdue is on a frantic search to bring her girl home. 

10News first shared Perdue's story at the end of October, when thieves broke into her Mira Mesa home - leaving the doors wide open. 

When Perdue and her boyfriend went inside their home, their dogs Zoey and Coco were missing. Coco, a Siberian Husky, has not been seen since. But Zoey, a lab/pit mix was spotted by Jack Mcinerney in a nearby canyon three weeks ago.

Four years ago Mcinerney placed trail cameras in the canyon to watch wildlife. He never expected they would lead him to a lost dog, in excruciating pain.

He says he went to the canyon after spotting the dog and tried to approach her, but she would cower and drag herself away.

Zoey was a healthy dog before she went missing. Now, she's emaciated and injured - and must resort to dragging her back legs behind her.

Feeling sorry for the dog, Mcinerney decided to put up a shelter and leave food and water for her. In the camera footage, she's seen eating the food.

By chance, Mcinerney showed the video to someone who recognized Zoey as the dog covered by 10News and notified Perdue.

Since being told Zoey is alive, Perdue has been scouring the canyon to reunite with her injured dog and get her to the veterinarian.

So far she's been unsuccessful, but in her condition Zoey can't get far. Once she is pulled from the canyon, Zoey will likely have pricey vet bills. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family: