Uber customer: Driver came back to house, tried to break in

Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 09:33:38-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A Kensington woman said she did a double take when she took a close look at video of a possible prowler outside her home.

Maegan told 10News she recognized the man in the footage as an Uber driver who had given her and her friends a ride hours earlier.

Maegan said she and two girlfriends had gone out for a few drinks on Saturday night when they called for an Uber ride around 12:30 a.m. She said their driver was a man in his 30s or 40s.

After a bit of small talk, the four-minute ride ended at Maegan's home. One of her friends stayed over, and they headed to bed.

"At three in the morning, my husband's phone started to go off, alerting us to activity on our cameras," said Maegan.

The couple saw a live feed that showed a man with a cap and gloves headed toward a side door. When he's out of camera range, noises are heard which Maegan said was the doorknob rattling.

In the next moments, the man walks out of range again right under a window, before he appears again. He is then seen noticing the camera before he takes off.

"Just creeped out watching it," said Maegan.

That feeling was multiplied when she and her girlfriends took a closer look at the surveillance images. The man's eyes were never visible, but this was someone they had seen before and recently.

"Same facial hair, same body build. It became clear to us it was our Uber driver," said Maegan.

San Diego police told 10News they are now looking into the case. Maegan has little doubt about the crime on his mind.

"I think he saw an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable women who were slightly intoxicated. I believe his intention was to assault one of us," said Maegan.

Uber told 10News they are reviewing the incident and have removed the driver's access to the app.

The driver did pass an Uber background check, though critics have called for tougher background checks that include things like fingerprints.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call San Diego police at 619-531-2000.