Truth & Lies: The Family Manson

New 20/20 reveals look in Manson family
Posted at 5:32 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-18 13:10:04-04

In an ABC 20/20 special two-hour documentary, the world will learn more about the infamous Charles Manson and his family of followers, in the documentary titled, “Truth & Lies: the Family Manson.”

The Manson murders are so terrifyingly famous, few need to be reminded what happened to actress Sharon Tate and her friends on December 8, 1969. On that night in Beverly hills, Tate and eight others were the victims of the Manson family, led by Charles Manson.

But Manson and his followers weren’t immediately arrested for the murders. Police showed up for another reason. Members of the Manson family were stealing cars from the neighborhood. That brought police to the home, and landed Manson, along with a few family members, in jail.

“The next day in the paper they’ve got a story about the raid and a story about the (Tate/ LaBianca) murders never realizing that you’ve got the same man perpetrating both,” said Manson biographer Jeff Gunn.

It was actually television reporter Al Wiman, along with his KABC crew, who found the discarded clothes of the Tate/ LaBianca killers in the hills. “We said ‘ok if we had just killed these people, we’re covered with blood...where would we go? And where would we throw the clothes?’” Wiman said, remembering his coverage that day. The clothing Wiman and his crew found was later used in the trial.

The words “Helter Skelter” were found written in blood at the LaBianca home. Investigator Vincent Bugliosi said the words were like leaving the fingerprints of Charles Manson behind.