Woman walking dog gets hit by paintball

Saw black truck slowing down behind her
Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 21:49:18-04

During an evening walk with her dog, a San Carlos woman heard a loud noise, felt a pain and eventually realized she'd been hit by a paintball.

On Monday night just after 7, Lisa – who asked us to hide her identity - was just beginning a walk with her dog.

She says she was walking along Cowles Mountain Boulevard when she heard a pickup truck slowly driving behind her.

“As I started to turn my head, I heard a really loud pop, sort of like a gunshot,” said Lisa.

At the same time, she felt a pain in her thigh.

“It was a sting, a really hard hit and sting. I’m thinking, ’Did I just get shot?’ and ‘Did my dog just get shot?’” said Lisa.

In those frightening moments, she got a quick glimpse at who did it.

“I saw a dark-haired person holding something really long in the passenger side of a black pickup,” said Lisa.

Lisa scanned the ground for any clues and found one.                           

“I thought it was a green marble and I squeezed it, and it was filled with orange paint,” said Lisa.

That marble was a paintball that hit Lisa, but didn't break, causing an ugly bruise on her leg.

“It was startling and alarming,” said Lisa.

It was also upsetting.           

“It occurred to me the dog could have been the target, because he was on that side of me."

Paintballs can pack quite a punch, and this one hit just inches from the head of her dog, who weighs 30 pounds.

“It could have really injured him,” said Lisa. “It makes me nervous to walk in my neighborhood. That’s not right,” said Lisa.

Police say they haven't received any reports of similar incidents.