Thieves steal bikes from secured garage

Posted at 11:30 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 02:30:26-05
Neighbors in a Hillcrest apartment building say they're fed up with thieves ripping off their bikes.
Cathy Lentz knew bike thefts were common at her First Avenue Apartment building, and thought she took every precaution to secure her two road bikes and brand new mountain bike.
"All three of them were locked together with three Kryptonite locks and a U-Lock and I thought for sure that would be a deterrent from anyone bothering them," said Lentz.
Instead, the thieves stole the bikes and took the rack along with them.
"It had to have been several people in order to lift three bikes that were locked and stuck together," said Lentz. "They definitely got them off and took this whole section out and they either went out through the side door or someone opened the garage door for them."
A key is required to open the door to the garage and a remote is needed to drive through the garage, but Lentz said it's easy for someone to sneak in after a car pulls in or out.
Lentz and her partner also keep two scooters in the garage. The thieves forced open the storage baskets on the scooters and made off with everything inside. Even prescription glasses.
"My glasses, helmet and sweatshirt (were) been stolen," said Lentz.
Currently, the building does not have surveillance cameras. Members of the H.O.A board say they'll get security on the agenda of their next meeting as soon as possible.