Santee mom hopes you can help ID these thieves

Posted at 9:21 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 00:21:42-04

A Santee family is hoping some surveillance video will finally solve a frustrating mystery.

“It's just super creepy and it gives you that pit in your stomach,” said Becky Murphy.

Before she saw the video of the uninvited guests, she endured years of other incidents, from CDs grabbed in car break-ins and a surfboard nabbed from the driveway to a raided refrigerator in the carport in February.

That time, cases of beer and soda were taken.

To combat the thefts, the Murphy family installed cameras, and when some cigarettes vanished Monday, they looked at the video and saw something that was disturbing: two people making themselves at home in the carport, opening the fridge several times and making off with some beer. They are in and out in a few minutes.

“It shakes you up a bit,” said Murphy.

Murphy says her fears don't stem from what was taken. 

“Two of my kids were sleeping just a few feet away. Anything could have happened. They could have broken my window and come into my house,” said Murphy.

10news mapped out the recent crimes in her quiet neighborhood and found a handful of burglaries and car break-ins in the area in the last few months.

It's unclear if they're connected to the recent incident.

“We used to never lock our cars. We felt safe here all the time. It’s just a little unnverving now,” said Murphy.

If you have information on the case, call the Santee Sheriff's substation at (619) 956-4000.