Thief targets Target shopper in grocery aisle

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 21:49:22-05

MISSION VALLEY - A Target shopper got a big shock when she tried to pay for her groceries: a missing wallet.

On Wednesday afternoon, Nancy Gross went shopping for a few groceries at the Target in Mission Valley.

“At the self-checkout, I looked to get my card out and there was no wallet in my purse. It was panic, because your whole life is in your wallet,” Gross said.

Gross said her purse was sitting in the front basket of her cart.

She tells us after a closer look at surveillance video, Target security told her just minutes into her shopping trip a man was seen hanging in the same area she was.

“Then they saw his hand reach into my purse and grab my wallet, before going through the women’s department and out the door," Gross said.

The theft unfolded as Gross was shopping for orange juice.

“I was reaching into the cooler. I turned away from the purse and that's when it happened,” Gross said.

Inside Gross' wallet: all of her credit cards, health cards, driver’s license and about $20 in cash

“It's really rotten.  I've spent two days of my life trying to get things renewed and replaced,” Gross said.