Thief targeting Rolando Park cars, houses

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 22:03:23-05

Video shows a thief looking for a quick score, but then he does something that made a homeowner's heart sink. Ana Verdin has lived along Odom Street in Rolando Park for nearly 6 years.

“I grew up in this neighborhood as well.  I’ve never felt unsafe until now,” said Veridin.

On Friday morning around 3 a.m., surveillance video captures a man with a bag opening a car and going through it. Minutes later and down the street, a man is  seen walking up Verdin's driveway.

Verdin says her car - not in view of a camera and possibly unlocked - was broken into, and the man got away with some $700 worth of baseball equipment. 

Then, in a side yard, the man is seen jiggling the door of the her brother’s SUV. Later, he's seen pausing near a window on the back of Verdin’s home.

“You could see him try to slide it open, but it's locked, so he couldn’t," Verdin said. "My brother was sleeping in there.  My son's in the house.  It’s terrifying."

That same night and in the same neighborhood, there were a string of reports of car break-ins on the app Nextdoor.  One neighbor also reported a stolen bike.

For Verdin, it’s the second car break-in since September, but a thief on the prowl isn't the only thing making her nervous.

“He got into our car, but what if he had gotten in our house?" Verdin said. "What would have happened?”