Thief nabs big take, feet from entrance of store

Posted at 6:40 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 23:48:37-05

He went in to load up on holiday gifts. He came back to his car cleaned out.

Thieves targeted his SUV, just steps from a Best Buy entrance.

As a trainer and promoter for MMA fights, Rudy Silva preaches mental toughness.

But days before Christmas, it is Silva who is reeling.

“I feel violated. There is anger and frustration,” said Silva.

Last Wednesday, around 9 p.m., Silva nabbed a parking spot about 40 feet from the entrance to a busy Best Buy in Mission Valley.

“It was relatively well lit. I felt safe and secure. So secure I left my dog inside,” said Silva.

About 45 minutes later, Silva and his girlfriend returned to the SUV.

“My dog was here. Everything seemed fine. I needed chapstick, so I went to the bag behind me. I opened the door and saw the bag was gone. I panicked,” said Silva.

Inside his backpack: a laptop, iPad, and other belongings totaling nearly $4,000.

It appears the thief used some sort of tool to pry open the window and door jam and pop open the lock. 

Silva says he realizes he shouldn't have left the backpack in the SUV, but he remains frustrated.

“I’d expect a big box retailer like Best Buy to have some level of security,” said Silva.

Silva has gone to the store several times asking for surveillance video, but managers told him police had to request the video.

Silva filed a police report, and is waiting to be contacted by a detective.

“I would tell others definitely don’t leave valuables in their vehicle. Also, I didn’t realize auto insurance didn’t cover this, and I didn’t have renters insurance,” said Silva.

A GoFundMe campaign raised enough money to make up for Silva's loss. Silva plans on donating any extra proceeds to a group advocating for homeless youth.

Police say a detective has been assigned to the case and will be in contact with Silva soon.

Best Buy confirmed it doesn't have security in its parking lots and is not responsible for thefts in its lots.