Team 10: San Diego County Deputy DA accused of texting naked selfies, sexting on county time

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 00:07:03-04

An anonymous tipster took to the internet to expose a San Diego County Deputy District Attorney he accuses of getting naughty on the job.

The tipster posted a video on YouTube Thursday morning, full of naked selfies he says the Deputy DA took on county time, in his office.

Team 10 knows who the deputy district attorney is, but we’ve decided not to name him or show his face.

There’s no way for us to confirm whether the photos, or any part of the photos have been doctored.

The three-minute video, posted to YouTube, is plastered with nude and semi-nude selfies.

The man in the pictures is a San Diego County prosecutor, in various states of sexual arousal.

The pictures were shot in different settings. Some look like they were taken in an office, others a locker room, even shots taken in what appear to be a courtroom.

The tipster also accuses the Deputy DA of sexting while on the job, on the taxpayers' dime.

He doesn’t say how he got the shots but claims District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has seen all of this.

The tipster forwarded an email to Team 10 containing the same nude selfies and sext messages, showing he sent the images to Dumanis’ county email address.

Team 10 took the images to the County Prosecutor's office near Linda Vista, where we believe the Deputy DA works.

An employee there confirmed the face in one of the photos is him.

We’ve also discovered the Deputy DA is in the middle of an ugly divorce. In the video, the tipster accused him of sexting around his daughters.

In a court declaration he filed last month in his divorce case, he vowed, "I have never committed a lewd act in front of my children, although I texted as much to a woman - I never committed any illegal act."

The Deputy DA in the video did not respond to our repeated request for comment.

Team 10 went to his work office, his listed home address, called him, texted him, and spoke with his divorce attorney, but heard nothing back.

The District Attorney's Office sent Team 10 the following statement:

"When misconduct of an employee is alleged, the DA's Office takes such allegations seriously and conducts a thorough review so any appropriate action can be taken. Such reviews are personnel matters and the DA's Office, by law, is prohibited from discussing them publicly."