Team 10: Don't get scammed by fake tickets to major events in San Diego

Posted at 7:32 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 00:33:04-04

This week San Diego will play host to Major League Baseball’s All-Star activities and experts warn consumers should watch out for people looking to make a quick buck selling counterfeit tickets.

According to the Better Business Bureau, one issue common with big sporting events, like the MLB All-Star Game, is fans unknowingly purchase counterfeit tickets.

Most ticket mishaps occur as a result of buying tickets from unofficial retailers.

The BBB saying, “The safest option is to purchase tickets from official and well-known retailers.”

There are multiple events happening All-Star weekend where people could try to take advantage of consumers.

Fan Fest will be taking place at the convention center and the MLB All-Star concert series brings A-List headliners to town for concerts.

According to MLB’s concert website tickets were free and not for resale, but Team 10 found some of those concert tickets already for sale online.

Homeland Security Investigations tells Team 10 they will have a presence at San Diego’s events.

“Anytime there's a major event we conduct operations with the local police department, with major league baseball,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Eric Feldman.

BBB advice for fans still looking for tickets

Be careful buying tickets from someone on the street. This is a common practice but very risky.

Ticket broker or scalper? A ticket broker is a legitimate and accredited reseller, while a ticket scalper is an unregulated and unlicensed seller.

Check the website. Make sure the URL begins with “https://” and has a little lock icon, which signifies that the website is secured.

Look up the seats. Ask for the section, row, and seat numbers of the tickets you’d like and compare them with the venue map so you don’t end up with an obstructed view or other surprise.

Refund policy. Make sure you only buy tickets from a seller that provides clear details about the terms of the transaction, including the refund policy.

If you buy tickets through an online auction site, choose a seller with a long history of satisfied customers.

Scammers can hijack old accounts; so make sure the seller has recently sold other tickets.

Buyers should be wary of sellers who try to lure you from a legitimate site to another site for a “private” transaction. Scammers often want to conduct business on sites with names that mimic well-known companies, but are actually fakes.

Stick to credit cards when buying tickets. A purchase made with a credit card is protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act that allows you to briefly hold payments if an issue arises. Never wire money to someone you don’t know.

If you buy from an individual seller, be sure to meet at a public location. Before handing over money, ask to see the seller’s ID to confirm the name they told you matches.

Check where you can find more information about online ticket sellers. Read customer reviews and complaints to help you make the best decision before buying.

How to spot a fake ticket

Check the date on the ticket and make sure it matches the date of the event.

Look for spelling and grammatical errors; these are clear signs of a fake.

Look for authentication of pictures and logos printed on the ticket by checking the alignment and even the color.

Make sure the ticket has a barcode.

If possible, compare your ticket with one bought from an official retailer.

Ticket Prices

Currently, there are no longer tickets available for the All-Star Game through Major League Baseball. However, you can still find tickets.

According to TicketCity, the average resell ticket price for this year’s game will change day to day, but the current trend shows a 37 percent increase in the average ticket price between 2014 and 2016.

(as of 7/5/16) -

All-Star Game Current Average Sale Price: $698.00

Minimum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $284.99

Maximum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $20000 (Lexus Home Plate Club 4)

Home Run Derby Current Average Sale Price: $350.03

Minimum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $120

Maximum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $5500 (Left Field Lower Box 128)

Full Strip Current Average Sale Price: $925.29

Minimum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $449

Maximum Price of Current Listed Tickets: $20000 (Lexus Home Plate Club 1)

** Full Strip refers to tickets to the All-Star Sunday, Home Run derby, All-Star Game