Company goes out of business while repairing bag

Posted at 6:52 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 21:52:40-04

A local woman trying to get her bag repaired turned to Team 10 for help after the company she bought it from disappeared.

Shanti Gurumurthy says she’s been a Mulholland customer for years.

”This is quite an iconic company and they make very good bags,” she said.

Gurumurthy’s latest bag, which was a gift for her husband, developed a hole on the inside flap.

Gurumurthy says Mulholland had a lifetime warranty so she mailed it back for repairs.

Her documentation shows the company received the bag, but she said she never heard from them again.

"I called their company, I called the city of Berkley and they had no information and couldn't give me any information,” she said.

Gurumurthy tried to handle the situation by herself, but the company’s website no longer works, the phone number goes straight to voicemail, and online postings from customers showed the Berkley based business closed up shop.

Gurumurthy turned to Team 10 for help.

Team 10 was able to track down the company’s original owner, Jay Holland.

He says he sold the Northern California business, and in the hands of new owners it went under.

Holland said he still had access to some of the product and would try to get her bag.

It's a scenario that doesn't always happen.

"Most consumers are going to find themselves kind of stuck," said consumer attorney Brett Schreiber.

Schreiber says on smaller valued items, consumers will rarely see any compensation for the losses they suffer.

In this case, after a few phone calls, emails, and text messages, Jay Holland located and mailed Team 10 Gurumurthy’s bag.