Suspected burglar killed by deputy in San Marcos identified

Posted at 5:46 PM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 20:47:24-05

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - The suspect shot and killed during a burglary this week in a San Marcos neighborhood has been identified.

The County Medical Examiner said Isidro Bazan Jr., 34, died Thursday due to injuries sustained from a gunshot to the torso by a San Diego County Sheriff's deputy.

SDSO deputies said Bazan was shot and killed following a burglary attempt in the 600 block of Edgewater Drive just after 3 a.m. Thursday.

The homeowner told officials he woke up to noise coming from the first floor of his home, to find an intruder with a baseball bat in his home and called 911. The man said he locked himself, his wife and their two sons in upstairs rooms while waiting for deputies to respond, SDSO Lt. Greg Rylaarsdam said.

Deputies arrived and surrounded the home, before entering and finding Bazan, whose arms were full with the homeowner's belongings, Lt. Rylaarsdam said. When deputies ordered him to show them his hands, he dropped the items and fled into the garage, where he tried unsuccessfully to start one of the family's vehicles.
Bazan was able to get into a second vehicle and start the engine.
In the garage, deputies said Bazan threatened to kill deputies and himself, and claimed to be carrying a "Glock 40" gun. He then opened the garage door with a remote in the vehicle and tried to back the car out, only to slam into a car parked in the home's driveway, Lt. Rylaarsdam said. 
After a failed attempt to use the vehicle he was driving to move the parked car out of the way, he got out of the car and confronted deputies, Lt. Rylaarsdam said.
One deputy responded by shooting Bazan with a non-lethal shotgun's beanbag round. Almost simultaneously, another deputy fired on Bazan twice with his service pistol, striking him once in the torso.
Deputies called for medical aid and CPR was immediately given to Bazan. Paramedics arrived at the scene a short time later but were unable to revive him.
No deputies or residents were injured during the incident. The incident remains under investigation.