Starbucks springs in to season with new cups

Posted at 3:27 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 20:18:01-05

Fans of Starbucks' seasonal shakeup in cup design have yet another season to look forward to.

In a first for the Seattle-based coffee giant, spring-themed cups will be made available for hot beverages at all U.S. locations beginning March 16. The promotion will run for a limited time at participating stores.

The spring cup colors will vary by drink size and feature a sun, umbrella, rabbit, and cartoon faces among the various designs.

Starbucks began offering seasonal cups more than two decades ago, beginning with its traditional holiday-themed cup. They have branched out to introduce autumn and summer cups as well.

The coffee chain has traditionally caused internet uproar over its cup design choices.

Last year, social media users went off over the chain's green cup, featuring a mosaic of more than 100 people drawn in one continuous stroke, offered during a heated election season. Meant to symbolize unity, the cups prompted calls for a boycott and accusations of a political agenda on Twitter instead.

In December, the company's red holiday cups also drew no shortage of furor over whether too much or too little Christmas-themed art was used in its design.

The Twitter roasting of the spring design has already begun, in fact:

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