Speeding drivers cause for concern in Pacific Beach

Posted at 10:51 AM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 13:52:14-04
SAN DIEGO -- Parents living near Ingraham Street in Pacific Beach are concerned after detoured drivers have been speeding down their neighborhood streets.
Ingraham is a major artery running through the area. Residents say construction projects have drivers instead taking Crown Point and Riviera drives.
“We’ve had a significant increase of traffic on Crown Point Drive and Riviera due to the shutdown, not all the time, but sometimes of Ingraham Street,” said Annabelle Peterson, a mother of three. “Last week I was almost rear-ended twice.”
Peterson said it’s especially concerning when she is out walking with her kids.
“It’s nearly impossible to cross here, it’s really dangerous,” Peterson said. “We already have problems with cars really flying by and being really dangerous to try to cross the street with the kids.”
Other mothers said it’s not only the construction that is causing, telling 10News that they have had problems with speeding drivers in the area for years.
“It’s an attractor for cars to speed through here and get through Pacific Beach especially now that we have another thoroughfare that’s congested,” said another mother of three, Michelle Gryniewicz. “We’ll be walking in the middle of the street, the middle of the crosswalk and cars still won’t stop.”
Neighbors said they are working with the Pacific Beach town council and San Diego police to come up with solutions and pleading with drivers to slow down before someone is seriously injured.