Sovereign Health employees say paychecks are weeks late

The company said the problem is with a new vendor
Posted at 6:33 PM, May 23, 2018

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Employees at Sovereign Health in Rancho San Diego tell 10News they have not been paid for weeks.

Tracy Hydorn is one of those employees. She wiped away tears, thinking about her piling expenses.

"I haven't been able to send my son to his prom, buy his yearbook, get tires on my car," Hydorn said. She got emotional as she talked about being able to do "basic paying" of items.

Hydorn works at the Sovereign Health facility on Steele Canyon Road. She said her paychecks are five weeks behind.

"The people that I work with are good people and they're working hard, but the corporation doesn't care at all," Hydorn said.

She is not alone. The company has six locations across the country with about 500 employees. Eugene, a driver for Sovereign Health in Florida, said his paychecks are weeks late. He was forced to take on another job as an Uber driver to make money. 

"I Uber'ed until 5:30 in the morning... and still didn't make enough money to pay my rent," Eugene said.

A spokesperson for Sovereign Health told Team 10 payroll issues have been going on throughout the company for six weeks due to a transition to a new vendor. He would not say who that vendor was. They are hoping the situation will be taken care of by early next week and apologized to its employees. 

Hydorn is trying to hang on, but she is tired of the company's excuses.

"If anything they had said had been genuine or you could believe it, it would be easier to deal with," she said.