Student in trouble after Mace goes off in class

Posted at 6:45 AM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 09:45:29-05

A South Bay high school student who brings Mace to school for protection was punished after another student accidentally set it off in class.

Theresa Sandoval said of her daughter, "She has a 4.2 GPA and she's also trying to go to medical school."

Like any parent, she just wants to protect her child, who is now a senior at Eastlake High School in Chula Vista.

"We live in a society where we have to be on the lookout all the time, and it's so sad," Sandoval told 10News.

She gave her 17-year-old daughter a little container of Mace.

"It's a keychain; you can carry it on your keys," said Sandoval.

It's completely legal and it's pink.

"And it looks like lip gloss," Sandoval added.

On Thursday morning, a classmate accidentally set off the pepper spray in class, and all the students in that room were evacuated for a few hours. Her daughter was sent to the vice principal's office.

"She was scared. She was like, 'Mom, are you going to take my car away? Am I going to be suspended?' -- because it will reflect on her scholarship applications," said Sandoval.

No matter if it's on a keychain, a backpack or purse, the Sweetwater Union High School District says it should be kept away.

"I was never aware of that because I went of the school district website on what my daughter could carry for protection," said Sandoval.

The list of what is and what isn't allowed is long.

"Guns, firearms, paintball, BB guns, pellet guns, darts, [sling] shots, bow and arrows …," said Sandoval.

District officials told 10News that even though Mace is not specifically mentioned on its website, if it's something that can harm another student, it shouldn't be on campus.

"I think they should allow students something to protect themselves," Sandoval said.

She wants the district to be specific on their website.

Sandoval's daughter was not suspended, but she will have to go to school on Saturdays.