SDSU keeping 'Aztec task force' members unnamed

Others say major decision should be in public eye
SDSU keeping 'Aztec task force' members unnamed
Posted at 10:24 PM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 08:38:47-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The group of individuals assigned with making a recommendation on the appropriateness of the Aztec mascot will not be named, according to San Diego State University officials.

SDSU Sally Roush says intends to make decision about the mascot no later than May 31 after a recommendation made by the ‘Aztec task force’ April 30.

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The task force includes five students, five staff members, five members of the community and two at-large appointees.

SDSU said earlier in February they would name those on the task force, then later decided to keep their identities private.

Some students question why a public university funded by taxpayers is hiding those responsible for a major decision.

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“If we’re going to come to real solution, we need to know who is on that task force,” said SDSU Senior Brandon Jones, “it’s going go a long way in identifying the legitimacy of this task force.”

SDSU defended their decision in a statement:

"Until the conclusion of their work, names of this task force will be withheld in an effort to allow them the opportunity to deliberate, research and present their final recommendations without disruption."

SDSU teams have been know as the Aztecs for more than 90 years.