San Diegans brace for gas prices reaching a three-year high

Posted at 7:05 AM, Apr 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-22 10:08:54-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV)— San Diegans are bracing for yet another round of gas price increases. 

Mike Metroianis has a love-hate relationship with driving.

“I do about 300 miles on any given day,” Metroianis said. 

It is how he makes his living as an Uber and Lyft driver. But it is also why he has to spend a lot of money. He checks gas stations around his routes, always looks for the best prices. 

“25 cents makes a huge difference,” Metroianis said. 

According to AAA, the average national price of regular gas is $2.76 per gallon. But in California, it’s $3.57 per gallon. 

Experts say the increases are a result of the unrest in Europe and the Middle East, combined with high demand in the United States. 

“You dread it every time,” Metroianis said. “You see your gas go down and you’re like… You made all this money, and next thing you know, you’re throwing it right back in the tank. It’s ridiculous.”

So ridiculous, Robin Bartlet has completely stopped getting regular gas for her 28-gallon Chevy Avalanche. Luckily, her car takes Flex Fuel, which only costs her $2.89 per gallon, at a 76 Station in Kearny Mesa. The same station is charging $4.29 per gallon for regular gas.

“Holy sugar!” Bartlet said, looking at the sign for the regular gas. 

Experts say prices are not getting any sweeter, any time soon. By Memorial Day weekend, Californians may have to pump out on average, more than $4 a gallon. The Bartlets say that is reason enough to not make any travel plans. 

“We’re not going anywhere,” Bartlet said. “With gas going up more for the holiday, it’s not even worth it.”

So what happens to people like Metroianis whose livelihoods depend on gas prices?

“If It went to $5, there’s no way. No way,” Metroianis said, shaking his dead.

It may force him to get another job.

Experts said the increase in prices can go on until fall. But most likely will drop significantly in 2019.