Retailers hiring for holiday seasonal workers now

Posted at 4:22 PM, Oct 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-14 13:21:24-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The holiday shopping season may be more than a month away. But for retailers, now is the time to hire new talent. Researchers estimate Americans will spend more than $720 billion in retail this year, which means they need to staff seasonal workers ahead of the shopping rush. 

Macy’s announced they are looking for 80,000 seasonal workers. The Gap Company will hire 65,000 people. Target plans to add 120,000 seasonal team members this year, up 20% from last year. In San Diego County alone, Target plans to add 1,200 people to their staff this season. 

“I’m going full time at SDSU, and I knew that I was definitely looking for some work,” Elizabeth Gonzalez said. 

10News Gonzalez at the Mission Valley Target’s hiring fair Saturday morning. She is hoping to spend her winter break as a Target sales associate.

“I just needed some extra cash just to pay the bills,” Gonzalez said. 

She said she needed the cash to continue paying for college, as she studies to become a Physician’s assistant. 

“I thought Target would be a great opportunity because I love shopping here,” Gonzalez said. 

Companies like Target are offering seasonal hiring incentives to those who already love their stores. Target’s include a 10% employee discount, 20% off healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and $12 an hour, which is $1 above the state minimum wage. 

After a morning of paperwork and interviews, Gonzalez found out she got the job.

With the popularity of online shopping warehouses and shipping centers are hiring seasonal workers as well. So are delivery and logistics companies. UPS will hire 100,000 full and part-time employees, while FedEx plans to hire 55,000 workers this season.