Residents: thieves are targeting Pacific Beach

Posted at 11:25 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 02:25:38-04

A Pacific Beach father says he is at his wit’s end after being the victim of a crime wave, targeting him, and he says, his neighbors, too.

10News first interviewed Anthony Smith back in November, when he said thieves ransacked his Jeep, and stole two expensive, high-powered pistols built for speed shooting.

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The next night, Smith said he installed surveillance cameras at his apartment near Ingraham and Diamond Streets.

“Starting that night, we started catching different kinds of crimes going on just in this alley,” Smith said.

He said his cameras have captured everything from a peeping tom, to an alleged attempted rape, to numerous car and home break-ins.

“Anytime between 2-5 in the morning (they're) checking doors on people’s cars," he said. "You know, checking to see if they can get in."

Next, Smith said it was his Jeep, a car he built for a hobby, with close to $40,000 invested in after-market products. He said his cameras captured four people in a silver Toyota Camry, pull up next to it, and hook up a computer.

“Never broke a window, never sounded an alarm." Smith said. "(In) under 10 minutes, they took off in my 2016 Jeep."

Inside, he said there were thousands of dollars in electronics and brand new toys from Toys ‘R Us that he had purchased for his one-year-old son.

“My kid’s stroller, his car seat, his toys,” Smith said. “I’m just disgusted with everything, I’m down and out, it’s horrible, it’s a horrible feeling.”

Smith said he has called numerous times and asked the police to step up patrols. He told 10News that between police and his insurance company, he feels he is getting no help, and now all of his high-priced investments have been stolen.