Proposed hillside home worries residents

Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 02:29:13-05

Everyday thousands of cars speed up and down Regents Road - many heading to and from the 52.

David Terzibachian sees them all from his bedroom.

“I hear accidents and run to my window and run down and see if i can help,” he said.

So when he spotted construction equipment across the street - he got hopeful a traffic light would come in.

But it's not a traffic light that's proposed for the largely undeveloped east side of Regents Road south of Governor Drive.

Instead, a local couple wants to build a single-family home, with a detached guesthouse and garage into the hillside.

If that happens, some neighbors say things could get dangerous, along more than just the main road.

An attorney representing some of those residents says they're worried about adding a random driveway on the east side of the straightaway.

She also says people are worried about the soil's stability. Homes are directly above the 3-acre site.

“It seems like it would be quite an engineering task, they would probably have to dig into the hillside,” said resident Jeff Kwok.

But Jahangir Vahid, who is proposing the home, said the project will clear multiple inspections.

“Those things have to be signed off by the city, they don’t just allow you to start building,” he said.

Terzibachian would see them from his bedroom window.

He said he hopes to see fewer accidents...

“If I can make it to my window fast enough, usually I'm a witness,” Terzibachian said.           

No matter what goes in across the street.

The University Community Planning Group will hold a public meeting tonight about the project

It is still being reviewed by the city.