Poway gun store races to sell 1 million rounds of ammo before 2019 law kicks in

Posted at 6:55 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 21:55:53-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A Poway gun store is set to sell 1 million rounds of ammunition by the end of the year.

It’s called the “1 million round month.” Managers at Poway Weapons and Gear Range are stocking up for the sale that begins on Black Friday. 

Customers can get their hands on all the ammunition they need before changes come to gun stores next year. The law, which kicks off in July 2019 says, in addition to a gun permit, gun owners will have to pass a background check to buy ammo.

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“Then when they buy ammo we have to log into a database and report how much ammo they buy,” says Danielle Rudolph, Director of Sales Operations at the store.

The data logged will then be sent to the Department of Justice. 

“We need to remain vigilant that guns and ammunition don’t get in the hands of people that shouldn’t have them,” says Ron Marcus with San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention. Gun control activists say the new law is an important move toward safety. 

Poway Weapons and Gear range say the ammunition will be sold at a discounted price for the sale.