DC Daily: Trump targets Gov. Jerry Brown, James Comey, Stormy Daniels in series of tweets

Posted at 7:30 AM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 10:30:22-04

What’s happening in the political world:

Trump goes after Brown again about National Guard
-- President Trump is continuing his criticism of California Gov. Jerry Brown, this time accusing Brown of “trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border” deal and stating Californians “are not happy.”

On Tuesday, in response to another critical remark by Trump, Brown’s office said nothing has changed since the governor agreed to send 400 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

However, the president has been persistent in his unhappiness with California and its Democratic governor.

Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning: “There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept. Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!”

Trump says Comey firing was not because of Russia probe
-- Last year, President Trump stated he fired FBI director James Comey over the Russia investigation. Days after the firing, he told NBC, “… I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story.’”

Before his remarks to NBC, White House officials said Trump axed Comey because of his handling of the Clinton email probe.

However, on Wednesday, Trump appeared to contradict his own statements in a tweet about Comey.

The president said: “Slippery James Comey, the worst FBI Director in history, was not fired because of the phony Russia investigation where, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems)!”

Comey has been making the media rounds in recent days to promote his memoir “A Higher Loyalty”.

Trump says sketch released by Stormy Daniels shows "nonexistent man"
-- President Trump dismissed on Wednesday the newly-released composite sketch of a man who adult film star Stormy Daniels says threatened her over her alleged affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

"A sketch years later about a nonexistent man," he tweeted. "A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!" Trump's tweet quotes another Twitter user that includes a photo of a man who is purportedly Daniels' ex-partner who the user suggests resembles the figure in the sketch.

The tweet marks the first time Trump has commented about the matter on Twitter, though he didn't explicitly refer to Daniels. He broke his months-long silence about her allegations earlier this month when he told reporters on Air Force One he didn't know about a $130,000 payment made by his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to the adult film actress shortly before the 2016 election.

Soon after the president's response to the sketch Wednesday morning, Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, suggested new claims, like defamation, could be pursued.

"In my experience, there is nothing better in litigation than having a completely unhinged, undisciplined opponent who is prone to shooting himself in the foot. Always leads to BIGLY new claims (i.e. defamation). LOL," he tweeted.

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Stephen Colbert and James Comey talk Trump and Russia over Pinot Noir
-- Former FBI director James Comey sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday for a wide-ranging interview that touched on President Trump, the Russia investigation and ... red wine.

"When you were fired, you say in the book that when it was over, you flew back on a plane to the east coast drinking Pinot Noir in a paper cup," Colbert said during a Tuesday afternoon taping of CBS' "The Late Show."

He then pulled out the bottle of wine and two paper cups and made a toast with Comey.

"To the truth," he said.

The two talked for more than 30 minutes with Colbert kicking off the conversation by asking Comey for his loyalty and if he has insight into the Russia investigation that isn't public yet.

"Yes," Comey replied.

"Can you tell me?" Colbert asked.

"Uh, no," Comey answered.

"Okay, drink some more wine," Colbert said.

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McConnell: I won't put legislation to protect Mueller on Senate floor
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News on Tuesday he doesn't believe President Trump will fire Robert Mueller, adding he doesn't want legislation on the issue.

"I don't think he should fire Mueller and I don't think he's going to," he said in the interview. "So this is a piece of legislation that isn't necessary in my judgment."

Last week, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation that would make it harder for Mueller to be fired for investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Sens. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat, Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican, and Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, introduced the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which protects Mueller, including ensure that the special counsel can only be fired for "good cause" by a senior Justice Department official.

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