DC Daily: Trump knew about Stormy Daniels payment before denying, NYT reports

DC Daily: Trump knew about Stormy Daniels payment before denying, NYT reports
Posted at 7:38 AM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 10:38:53-04

Here's what's making headlines in the political world Saturday, May 5, 2018.

NYT: Trump knew about Stormy Daniels payment before denial

-- President Trump knew about a $130,000 payment to adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, whose stage name is Stormy Daniels, before denying any knowledge of the payment last month, according to a New York Times report.

Michael Cohen, the president's personal lawyer, made the payment in October 2016 just before the president won the 2016 election. President Trump has denied knowing anything about the payment to keep the alleged affair between him and Clifford under wraps.

Last month, while aboard Air Force One, President Trump told reporters he knew nothing about the payment. This week, however, new Trump team lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the president had reimbursed Cohen for the payment.

The president has continued to deny knowledge of the payment.

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Trump reassures NRA: "We will protect your Second Amendment"

-- President Trump reassured a packed house at an annual meeting of National Rifle Association members, "your Second Amendment rights are under siege, but they will never ever be under siege as long as I am your president."

In the midst of a national debate over gun reforms in the U.S., the president thanked NRA members for their, "activism and dedication, you have an administration fighting to protect your Second Amendment and we will protect your Second Amendment."

President Trump had said he would focus on possible gun reforms following the Parkland school shooting in Florida — some of which were not supported by the NRA — but made no mention of those proposed measures at the meeting.

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CNN: Pruitt reimbursed himself nearly $65K for Oklahoma AG campaigns

-- Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt paid himself nearly $65,000 in reimbursements for his two campaigns for Oklahoma attorney general, according to an analysis by CNN.

CNN reported Pruitt made purchases during his bid for attorney general and then reimbursed himself from his campaign. Instead of having the campaign pay for things directly, the reimbursements directly to him make it difficult to tell if purchases were legitimate, according to CNN.

Pruitt is already under scrutiny for ethical decisions while at the EPA, in which committees have launched nearly a dozen inquiries into, CNN reports.

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