Point Loma school schedules creating dangerous roads, parents say

Can take 20 minutes to go just a half-mile
Posted at 6:42 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 09:42:11-04

POINT LOMA (KGTV) -- Parents in Point Loma are asking for big changes on Chatsworth Boulevard, saying the road is too dangerous for people taking their kids to school.

Around 7:30 each morning, the half-mile stretch between Point Loma High School and Dana Middle School is jammed with cars and pedestrians, as the schools start class for the day and other people who live in the area drive to work.

Some people say it can take 20 minutes to go just a half-mile.

Meanwhile, people trying to avoid the log-jam speed down side streets.

Parents told 10News they're worried about their kids' safety as school starts.

"They don't pay enough attention at all," says James White, who skateboards with his son to school each morning.

Posts on social media complain of drivers running red lights, speeding, blocking intersections and crosswalks and paying more attention to their phones than to the road.

People who live in the area think the schools should stagger their start times. They also want the city to add more signs and safety measures to the street.

White says simply asking more kids to walk to school isn't the answer.
"It's a catch-22," he says. "In order for people to feel safe enough to skate, walk, ride a bicycle, you need to have moreconscientious drivers and a safer feeling environment."

In the meantime, parents say they just want folks to slow down and be more aware.