Imperial Beach party store's 'Trump,' 'Wall' piñatas a hit

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jan 14, 2017

IMPERIAL BEACH - Since last December, a small party supply shop has quietly struck gold with locals looking for a piñata.

Marcela Nuno, owner of La Tapatia Party Shop, began selling Donald Trump-themed piñatas last year after a young customer had an unique request.

"A little girl asked at our other store if we had Trump piñatas," Nuno said. "We never thought about it so we asked [our supplier]."

Nuno said the creative caricatures are constructed in Tijuana and then delivered to her stores.

Locals loved it, Nuno said.

At one point, she said, she sold 12 of the themed piñatas in a day: Two "Trump wall" ones and 10 depicting Trump himself.

"People buy them, you know, and they laugh, they take pictures," Nuno said. "[Trump piñatas] have been selling so well."

President-elect Trump will be sworn into office on Friday, Jan. 20. Though, Nuno said she doesn't have any plans to stop selling the piñatas.

"As long as customers ask me for them. Customers make sure my business keeps going," Nuno said.