San Ysidro school principal reassigned amid accusations he allowed bullying

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Angry parents are voicing their concerns over the temporary removal of a San Ysidro school principal.

Joel Tapia stopped showing up to Smythe Elementary last month.

It's a personnel issue, so, the district isn't saying anything about what's being investigated, just that he's been moved away from his post until a decision is made on what next.

We know he was reassigned twice before from jobs as a principal.

A rally was held in front of Smythe Elementary Thursday morning in support for Joel Tapia; parents, teachers and students demanding that he be returned to campus.

One parent told 10News that the district is making the wrong move reacting to the complaints of a few others.

"Certain children being bullied and nobody did anything about it. This is the second principal affected by the same allegation. The District thinks it's just easier to pull the principal and things will go away. Obviously, we're not gonna go away," said Rudy Lopez. 

Both sides are planning to address the board of education. A closed session will follow, then a possible decision.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report has been updated to reflect that Joel Tapia was reassigned.  A school district spokesperson initially stated that Tapia was fired from his position, which was incorrect.  The information was subsequently revised by the district. 

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