OB residents find trail of clues after an attempted break-in

Residents want neighbors to be on the lookout
Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 20:59:48-05

“So apparently they took a bunch of the screens,” said Aaron Meere.

Meere described a trail of clues left behind at his Ocean Beach home.

“You can see where they punched the glass and the little amount of blood that's dried up right there,” he said.

Meere says a would-be burglar tried to break into his and his roommates home on Lotus Street.

“Around one, one thirty in the morning someone came on the premise, took off all the screens, punched their hand through that kitchen window and left a little blood behind,” said Meere.

He says, this has never happened on their block before - but he is starting to notice strange people walking through his street more often.

“With the influx of vagabonds and travelers coming into the area and the less amount of patrol that people are more apt to go for what they want without any boundaries,” Meere said.

Nothing was taken from their home. But Meere said he and his roommates will be paying more attention to their surroundings and want others to do the same.

“Just gotta keep an eye over our shoulders, so to speak, and watch out. Especially during the nighttime.”