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Poway nonprofit employing adults with autism, disabilities, opens new store

Blissful Seeds opened a brick and mortar store in Poway, CA in August.
Posted at 4:19 PM, Sep 12, 2023

POWAY, CA — For nearly three years now, a nonprofit employing adults with autism and other disabilities, has not had its own space to call home.

But in the middle of August, that changed.

Blissful Seeds, a nonprofit started in 2020, just opened a brick-and-mortar store in Poway.

"All this is a dream come true because it is now the way I've always dreamt about it," said Rita Saliba, the CEO and founder.

The storefront is full of goods made by the employees, including candles, soaps, jewelry, and more.

"It really changed my life, I can do something other than just sit at home and do nothing. I can have a job," said Zoe Berl-Hahan, 27, who has worked at the nonprofit for about two years.

The nonprofit was able to sign a 3-year lease for the space thanks to a grant awarded by the Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, according to Saliba.

Blissful Seeds has about a dozen employees now, but this store is a sign of growth for nonprofit.

"People are rallying behind us so we can make it bigger and better and maybe down the line serve way more people than we are serving now," said Saliba.

Anyone who wants to support Blissful Seeds can click here.