Neighbors say Webber family kept to themselves, daughter charged after hit and run

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-06 02:13:22-04

LAKESIDE, Calif.- Neighbors are shocked and saddened to hear about their neighbor's daughter's criminal background.

Courtney Webber, 25, was arrested at her mother's Lakeside home Thursday night after a car matching her mother's car's description drove through a red light on Main Street at Sunshine Avenue and hit a 9-year-old boy riding his bike to Johnson Elementary School.

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Fifteen minutes from the crash, the home had a car in the carport, the A/C running and no one answering the door. Neighbors say the one car there didn't run. 

Iwona Matysiak said the mobile home park is family friendly and quiet. Both she and her catty-cornered neighbor Mitchel Phelps-Wiley say they don't know the Webbers well.

"With mom it was always, "Hi, how are you?" Matysiak said. Both confirmed she works for the Post Office.

When it comes to dad, they say he comes and goes.

As for Courtney, "she looks timid, shy," Phelps-Wiley said.

"Pretty young girl...I saw daughter a couple times, but never spoke to her so I couldn't even say her name because I don't know," Matysiak said.

She said Thursday night police cars lined the park waiting for Courtney to come home, "I walked my dog it was dark, probably around 9... I saw cars and it was so quiet, I wondered what are they doing here?"

Court documents show Courtney was convicted of drug and DUI charges in the past and was driving under a suspended license. 

Neighbors say the blue Honda Fit was mom's car and her sole mode of transportation.

"I feel so bad for the parents, I feel so bad for that little boy, i hope he will be fine," Matysiak said.