Peeping Tom spotted in El Cajon neighborhood

Neighbors say they're afraid of what he'll do next
Posted at 7:17 PM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 00:22:40-05

A peeping tom in one El Cajon neighborhood has many people very nervous because he is “getting scarier” with each visit.

Neighbors say the stranger first appeared last Monday, along Witherspoon Way. He was spotted sifting through trash bins and the next day, he was back.

“The neighbors had their trash cans in front of their home and he was going through them again,” said Adam Batten.

Batten describes the stranger as a man in his 40s who looks disheveled and picks through the recyclables.                     

At the end of the week, he was back - showing up on Friday.

Michelle, who asked us to keep her name private, says around 11 p.m. she spotted him. Michelle had gone outside to walk her therapy goat and saw the man wearing shorts and rain boots and holding an Army-style duffel bag. He was peeping into the windows of two neighbor's homes. Later, he walked toward Adam Batten's house, and peered into the windows.

“My neighbor told me he came up right to my window and looked inside, as I was sleeping,” said Batten.

A police report was filed, but the man wasn't caught.    

Saturday night around 6 p.m. Michelle was sitting in her living room when the stranger returned.

“I heard the screen door open and then I heard the door handle rattling," she said. “I see him standing in front of my home with a flashlight, pointing at the front window."

Once again, he was gone before police arrived - leaving Michelle afraid to be in her own home.

“I feel like he's going to come again," she said. "What's he doing to do next time?”

Neighbors believe the man is homeless, but they aren't sure if he was actually collecting recyclables when he was looking in the bin.