Some TSA workers to receive partial paychecks as government shutdown continues

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Posted at 6:29 AM, Jan 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-25 09:36:29-05

(KGTV) – Some Transportation Security Administration employees, who have been working without pay during the partial government shutdown, will be receiving a partial paycheck, a lead TSA official announced Friday.

The announcement on Twitter from TSA Administrator David Pekoske comes as many federal workers go without pay for a second time in the past 34 days.

In a series of tweets, Pekoske said:

“.@TSA officers are screening 2 million travelers a day, FAMs are flying 2.5+ million miles a day, inspectors, canine handlers, vetting professionals & more – all coming together, working to keep transportation systems secure. #Gratitude”

“Challenging circumstances force challenging decisions. I fully recognize anything short of full paychecks are a partial measure, and in no way compensates the #TSA workforce for the financial burden many are experiencing.”

“Most employees @TSA I-band and below who worked in an exempted status during Pay Period 26 will receive a partial payment for that pay period.”

“This is an uncertain time for all, but whenever funding is restored, pay and travel reimbursement processing will be our highest priority. #Resilience”

According to Politico, a TSA spokesman said the pay period would cover Dec. 23-Jan. 5. The money, the spokesman told Politico, will come from “remaining fiscal 2018 appropriations.”

TSA screeners, security directors and inspectors are among the workers that will receive paychecks, Politico reported, citing an internal TSA document.