Digging for change at a Florida toll booth leads to an extreme case of road rage captured on video

Woman rammed multiple times in road rage attack
Posted at 11:12 AM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-24 14:12:16-04

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFTS) - Law enforcement officers in Florida are searching for a driver that rammed a woman in her car multiple times after becoming upset it took her so long to dig for change at a toll booth.

The victim, identified as Caitlin, told ABC Action News in Tampa that she fears for her life after the driver in a Volkswagen Beetle rammed her car multiple times.

“I only had $1.24,” Caitlin said. “I was 100 percent scared, I was frightened, I was scared for my life; it just happened so quickly.”

Florida State Troopers said the road rage incident happened Sept. 20, at around 5:20 p.m. Investigators were able to pull the vehicle registration from nearby cameras. According to the report, they tracked the registered owner to a location in Tarpon Springs but couldn’t find the driver.

“She’s looking at me, please, help me, if you saw something, please help me,” Ellen Perry said.

Perry was at a Sunoco gas station on U.S. 41 in Spring Hill when Caitlin got hit. Perry thought the driver was trying to kill Caitlin.

“Just ‘bam, bam,’ he was very angry. I don’t know if he was on something,” Perry said. “I was trying to keep her up by the building because she kept pacing back and forth. I was afraid if he came back and saw her in the middle of the parking lot, he might try to run her over or hurt her. I think it’s a bad case of road rage.”

Caitlin said she was driving to Jacksonville to visit a friend and wasn’t familiar with the area, which is why she didn’t have money for the toll. But, she said anyone who got that angry because they had to wait a few more seconds at the toll booth shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

“Please keep an eye out for this maniac. I mean, he didn’t kill me, but if he hit a pregnant woman or an elderly person, they may not have survived this impact, especially three times in a row,” Caitlin said. “I’m scarred from this. I fear the safety of others. Who knows who’s next … he is a danger …”