Shooter targeting cars on East County freeways

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 21:46:05-04

A day after 10News learned a gunman was shooting a BB gun at cars on local freeways, more possible victims have come forward.

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A woman driving on Woodside Avenue with her 12-year-old daughter was one of the recent victims.

“I gasped. It was scary immediately,” said Melissa, who asked us not to use her last name. “So we continued through the a stoplight near Shadow Hill Road and heard a loud bang. Something hit my vehicle."

Melissa, whose family owns guns, pulled over, saw the damage in the front windshield and immediately knew it was a shot from a BB gun.

Deputies later confirmed it, pulling copper fragments from the window.

“It was traumatic. If it had punctured my window it would have hit my daughter square in the face,” said Melissa.

Melissa didn't see anyone or any vehicle in front of her, but there was traffic on Highway 67, running alongside the road.

Weeks later, Allen Walker says he heard something hitting the side of his SUV really hard.

“I heard banging and glass shattering,” said Walker.

Someone fired five BB shots into Walker's SUV, shattering his back passenger side window while he was driving on I-8 near the Greenfield Drive exit.

The California Highway Patrol said four teenage boys in a silver Toyota 4Runner were spotted shooting BB pellets into parked cars nearby.

10News has learned a week prior, on the night of July 3, another BB blew out the back window of another SUV on the I-8 near the 2nd Avenue exit. The driver saw a silver or white truck behind him.

In that truck is a shooter Melissa says must be caught.

“I’m worried someone else won't be as lucky,” said Melissa.