Charger's Melvin Gordon, Rally Health, Armed Services YMCA team up for military kids in San Diego

Special bike being ordered for smallest recipient
Posted at 11:12 AM, Dec 14, 2016

Charger’s running back, Melvin Gordon, teamed up with Rally Health and Armed Services YMCA San Diego to give more than 50 military kids new bicycles and signed footballs at Naval Base San Diego on Tuesday.

"I wasn't as fortunate to get bikes and things like that when I was younger,” Gordon said. “I know as a kid I would have loved to have one of these bikes. It could have been pink! I would have loved to have it!"

Three-year-old Braylon Bishop was the smallest kid there, but he beat everyone to the bikes.

He screamed loudest and wiggled the most because football and bikes are two of his favorite things.

The event was not just about having fun; they were promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

"Obviously, that's a big part of what I do,” Gordon added.

He said the sacrifices military families make made this event even more important to take part in.

"They give so much to us… just the opportunity to do what we do,” Gordon explained. "You could never thank them enough for what they do."

Braylon was too small for one of the free bikes, so he did not get one, but he stayed positive.

It has been a rough year for his family. He was missing him mom, Corinna Bishop, for most of it since she was in the Middle East.

During the deployment she was worried he would not remember her and she was worried he still would not learn to walk since he was born with one leg.

"You make sacrifices so that they can have a better life,” she said. “It gives you something to fight for."

The Navy provided a new prosthetic for him, and now, he charges all over.

During our interview, a man approached Braylon and said Gordon wanted to talk to him.

Braylon wandered through the crowd until Gordon spotted him and lifted him straight up.

Both looked at each other and giggled. Gordon put him down and tossed him the football he had autographed.

"Come on QB,” Gordon said. “Let me see what you've got.”

Gordon’s injury did not stop him from throwing the ball around with Braylon, and they had everyone’s attention.

Braylon made some impressive throws, and he loves football, but he said he wants to be in the Navy like his mom.

“I want to be a jet pilot,” he said. 

He looked up at Gordon and thanked him for playing football with him.

Rally Health said they would send Braylon a bike. If that does not happen before Christmas, we have it on good authority that Santa will deliver.