SDSU harassment suspect arrested Tuesday

Posted at 9:16 AM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 11:29:47-04

SAN DIEGO -- A man who was cited Sunday for allegedly harassing a female student near San Diego State University was re-arrested Tuesday at San Diego City College on suspicion of harassing students on that campus.

Robbie Shumate, 28, was taken into custody after City College police said he was harassing women at the college's School of Cosmetology and asking for their phone numbers.

When officers responded to reports, they spotted Shumate two blocks away at the Saville Theatre. City College police said Shumate appeared to be under the influence of meth, and he was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Shumate -- who authorities believe is homeless -- remains in custody.

Shumate received a citation Sunday afternoon by San Diego State University police near the campus after he reportedly made unwanted physical contact with a female student.

During the incident, SDSU police received several more reports that a man matching Shumate's description had harassed several women in a similar manner.

SDSU student Mitra Panah told 10News that Shumate was "randomly touching students …inappropriately."

However, after being cited on charges of suspicious behavior and battery, Shumate was released. He was later spotted in the SDSU area.

Word of the incident and release put many SDSU students on edge.

"I think the campus needs more patrolling because I know we've had a few, several instances around here and SDSU police didn't even show up," Panah said.

"If I'm on campus alone at night, I definitely have someone walk me to my car," student Xio Mara said. "I don't want it to affect my life. I'm an adult woman and I don't want to be scared to walk around at night."

"I may not always feel safe walking alone. Now, I just really look around and make sure I don't see anyone suspicious," student Melissa Antonopilis told 10News. 

Mara pointed out that incidents like the one that occurred Sunday are "pretty much the norm."

"Last semester, I feel like I got at least five or six of those emails saying that girls have been harassed on campus or near campus."