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Report: These jobs have the best career opportunities

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Posted at 5:02 PM, Aug 14, 2019
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(KGTV) -- A new report is digging into the top jobs with the best career opportunities.

According to job site Glassdoor, tax managers have the strongest career opportunity rating.

Several other financial roles also scored high on the list, including audit manager and accounting manager.

Glassdoor says the accounting field has plenty of strong career opportunities coupled with competitive salaries and numerous open jobs. All factors that paint a bright future for anyone looking to grow their career in the field, the site says.

The report also found that dentists, physician assistants and nursing managers also have career opportunities as demand grows.

Check out the top 10 jobs on the list below:

  1. Tax Manager - $112,021 salary
  2. Salesforce Developer - $81,721 salary
  3. Product Designer - $102,054
  4. Strategy Manager - $142,328
  5. HR Manager - $84,700
  6. Audit Manager - $102,521
  7. Data Scientist - $110,160
  8. Business Development Manager - $80,341
  9. Java Developer - $$82,087
  10. Marketing Manager - $83,513

Glassdoor says they ranked the jobs by comparing career opportunities, salary and job openings.

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