Local teens tackle distracted driving

Posted at 4:49 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 21:36:39-04

Two San Diego teenagers are asking the world to “Glove Box It” in a national competition aimed at getting teens to drive safer.

Canyon Crest Academy juniors Gabe Gaurano and Navin Bose produced a video that was one of 10 selected out of 1,500 across the country in the Toyota and Discovery Education TeenDrive365 Video Challenge.

Online voting across the country ends on April 25. The winner will receive $15,000 and will be able to reproduce their video with a professional Discovery film crew.

“We have so many friends who drive distracted,” said Bose.

“Realistically you are driving a weapon,” said Gaurano. “You have Google Maps, you have Spotify, Title, Soundcloud [distracting you].”

The duo created a video that asks drivers to put their smartphones in the glove box while they drive.

“We wanted to make it relatable and we wanted to show images that other teenagers could see themselves in,” said Bose.

Both young drivers have found themselves too close to danger before.

“[My brother] was changing the song on his phone and rear-ended somebody in front of us,” said Bose.

“My sister has been in a few accidents. I’ve witnessed a few accidents,” said Gaurano.

San Diegans can vote for the high schoolers here.