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Volunteers cooking up help 'with love' for Ukrainian refugees in Chula Vista

Volunteers cooking up help 'with love' for Ukrainian refugees in Chula Vista
Posted at 5:01 PM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 20:53:58-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — Volunteers are cooking up some help for Ukrainian refugees after they cross the border into San Diego.

On a Monday morning, Mia Bertelsen was in her kitchen doing something she’s loves doing.

“I'm making homemade banana bread,” said Bertelsen.

But this bread isn't for herself or her family.

“Just a little taste of home. Something wonderful,” said Bertelsen.

The bread is for Ukrainian refugees that have just crossed the border.

“So these families have stayed up to two days line. When they finally cross, they're exhausted. They’re hungry,” said Bertelsen.

Recently, Bertelsen began volunteering with the Light of the World Church in Poway, as they aided the asylum seekers.

The church rented space from a South Bay church. There, they're assisting dozens of Ukrainians each day with things like rides, places to rest and laundry. Bertelsen came up with the idea of a meal train, which began last Friday.

“We're tired of just watching this on the news and doing nothing. For me, it was very important I found something something I could concretely do,” said Bertelsen.

Volunteers sign up for breakfast/lunch shift or dinner shift, and are responsible for a hot meal for about 30.

So far, some 16 people have signed up. Bertelsen says about half the people are making meals at home.

“What's especially wonderful, Chula Vista families are stepping up and making this food with love in their own home,” said Bertelsen.

Bertelsen says those eating the food are feeling that love.

“They are very touched there is warm food there, that people took the time to cook for them,” said Bertelsen. “If we can be that small part of kindness in this journey onto their next step, I'm so grateful to participate in that.”

The church has set up an online fundraiserto help with their assistance program.