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'Surprise suspects' after W-2 form discovered ripped open in mailbox

Posted at 6:07 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 00:18:12-05

SPRING VALLEY. Calif (KGTV) - A Spring Valley woman discovered her W-2 form tampered with, and got another surprise when she realized who the evidence may point to.

Two Saturdays ago, off Jamacha Road, Kassandra Travis got her mail moments after the mail carrier delivered it.

"He was still walking out of my driveway when I was getting the mail," said Travis.

She opened the mailbox and retrieved about 7 pieces of mail. One was damaged: her W-2 form, ripped partway open on both sides.

"One side was ripped so when you opened it, you could see my Social Security number. It's scary with identity theft being such a concern," said Travis.

She checked her USPS 'Informed Delivery' email received hours earlier, displaying images of the mail she should expect that day.

"You can see the dotted line intact. It's unopened. The other side is unopened as well," said Travis.

The image of her W-2 form was undamaged. The photo was taken by the when the mail was first processed in the Maryland, where it was mailed from.

"The conclusion is my mail was opened while in the possession of the United States Postal Service," said Travis.

It's an upsetting thought that became more upsetting a week later, when she found a certified letter from the IRS in her mailbox. One of the edges was torn open. Because it was a certified letter, it's image was not included in the 'Informed Delivery' email.

Just before Christmas, Davis opened the same mailbox and found an envelope containing a Christmas card from her mother also ripped open. In that case, the 'Informed Delivery' email didn't show the back - the part that was torn.

"We're supposed to trust our mail carriers and everybody within USPS to deliver our mail safety and securely, and if that's not happening, its raises huge concerns," said Travis.

Travis says shes now watching her credit monitoring reports extra carefully.

She filed a complaint with the Postal Inspection Service. 10News reached out to them and are waiting to hear back.